Beach cargo shorts

Bearboxers summer inspired cargo shorts

It is a universal truth that what you wear ultimately defines who you are. Cargo shorts have been around for sometime now and a lot of ‘not so fashion conscious’ individuals will simply wear them just to feel comfortable. But this is not all. Wearing cargo shorts will not only give you the freedom you need but also provide you with the opportunity to look cool, sexy and ready to take the city on if you wear it right.

The good thing is that cargo shorts can be combined with a plethora of ‘looking good’ ideas, as the fashion editor of Bearboxers, Michael Fosu, will put it.

You can combine them with printed and plain t-shirts, summer shirts of any colour or match it up with polo top of your choice.

Personally, I find white polo tops matched with khaki cargo shorts particularly attractive. And if that was not enough reason for you to combine this as an all time classic then you can choose to go for a blue cargo short with a white striped polo shirt.The two work very well together.

So if you are planning a summer getaway this year then remember to add a good pair of cargo shorts to be matched with a combination of your choice of tops and you will be glad you did. Cargo shorts do not only offer comfort and reliability but also endless possibilities to add style to your wardrobe.