Bearboxers Quick Drying Underwear


The process of selecting the best underwear is not an easy task. There is an abundance of considerations – not only should you think about colour and style, for optimal comfort and practicality you should also be considering the type of material and fitting. This is a task which becomes more arduous during the summer, as tight-fitting, cheaper materials will retain more moisture which could cause a great deal of discomfort. This is only heightened if you are travelling for extended periods or working out.


Thankfully, that is where quick drying underwear comes in.


The Bearboxers brand of quick drying underwear is manufactured from Microfiber (specifically 95% Polyamide and 5% Elastane.) Microfiber in itself is a fantastic material which is approximately 1/5 of the diameter of a human hair, and its material composition is chosen for use in cleaning products and industrial fitters as well as clothing. Famed not only for its softness and repellency, it also makes a great absorption material (hence its utilisation as a cloth for cleaning surfaces.) According to Science Direct,  “Microfibers are super-absorbent, absorbing over seven times their weight in water and they dry in one-third of the time of ordinary fibers. They insulate well against wind, rain and cold and furthermore are environmentally friendly.”


Quick drying underwear comes with numerous advantages which are particularly relevant now that the warmer weather is here. With summer upon us, we are enjoying a particularly atypical spell in British weather. Isn’t it about time that you welcome some new, lighter clothing into your life to reflect this? Casting aside the winter thermals is going to be essential for your style and comfort over the coming months. Quick drying underwear is able to assist with moisture and odour control, so on the warmer days you can rest assured that you are looking and feeling your best at all times. Check out this article from Men’s Health on why boxers like ours are perfect for impressing the ladies, especially in the warmer weather.


Quick Drying underwear should be the first item in your suitcase this summer


Quick drying underwear is also a great investment if you are planning on travelling this year. The perfect globe-trotting companion, you don’t have to pack as many pairs as you would traditional underwear, so you can save your precious luggage space for the sombreros (or related souvenirs.) You also avoid the trouble of having to find an overpriced laundrette, or the nightmare of trying to blow dry your clothes after a particularly humid day, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your holiday. With our underwear, long-gone are the days of tedious, sweaty travel journeys. Quick drying underwear allows you to retain your composure and vital assets in stressful occasions. If you are really pressed, you could also use our quick drying boxers as swimwear at short notice.


Quick dying underwear is the perfect complementor to your workout routine.


Of course, quick drying underwear is also perfect for fitness and exercise activities, as they help you to avoid excessive sweat during workouts. With hi-tech fabric that wicks sweat away from the skin, allowing more air to pass through, it can help to keep you cool and in top condition during your workout, so you will be able to continue for longer without feeling uncomfortable. Quick drying fabric also assists with odour control, as they are covered with antibacterial materials. This allows you to continue to smell fresh for longer, and avoiding that typical gym anxiety where you are left wondering whether that funky smell was coming from you all along. Therefore, it’s not only a wise but imperative investment if you are a regular gym-goer.


Our own brand of quick drying underwear is styled as a classic cut with a slightly longer leg. It can therefore adapt to just about any situation, and be combined with a range of looks. Available in a cool navy blue colour, it will set you back just £12.95. And the great part about this particular brand of underwear which sets it apart from competitors is that you will only have to buy a few pairs to last you for weeks on end!


That is, of course, unless if you’re planning to replace the entirety of your collection. And to be fair, we wouldn’t blame you.